lundi 20 juin 2022

Physics & Education – Perspectives from Condensed Matter and Biophysics / La «nature» aux Journées suisses d’histoire, 29.6-1.7

Physics & Education – Perspectives from Condensed Matter and Biophysics

On the annual meeting of thge SPS, a talk on the educational aspects of condensed matter physics and biophyscis will be held by Prof. Christof Aegerter from the University of Zürich (see image and [1] for examples).
This is the 2nd talk in a series where active researchers discuss their field under the perspective of its value for and impact on physcis education and scientific literary.
(last year: Prof. HP Beck on educuational aspects of particle physics, [2]).
For instance, it is well known that biomedical applications are among the most interesting contexts for physics education especially for girls and young women.
In order that teachers and other interested people who cannot be present at the annual meeting can participate talk, a zoom link is available.

WEN 29/6 9am, Christof Aegerter (U Zürich)


Mechanical stress in Drosophila wing imaginal disc

When a disc grows, the stresses measured by photoelasticity increase with size, as would be expected from models of mechanical feedback of growth control. This can be seen in the figure below, where the size dependence of the birefringence in the centre as well as at the periphery is plotted. These latter data indicate that the stretching at the periphery remains constant as predicted by the model of T. Aegerter-Wilmsen et al. More details about this project can be found in our 2009 Mechanisms of Development paper in the publications section.

La «nature» aux Journées suisses d'histoire, 29.6-1.7

Les Journées suisses d'histoire qui ont lieu tous les trois ans et rassemblent plusieurs centaines d'historien-nes de la Suisse et de l'étranger, auront cette année pour thème la natureL'UNIGE est co-organisatrice de cette manifestation qui se tiendra du 29 juin au 1er juillet à Uni Mail et le programme peut être consulté en ligne.


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