jeudi 22 mai 2008

un an de Science pour 50$ ?

Envie d'approfondir vous-mêmes ?

De pouvoir trouver les articles en classe

De savoir tout de suite ...

d'aller à la source ?
Pour ceux qui lisent assez d'anglais... une offre spéciale d'un abonnement d'une année a Science format digital pour 50$ si on est étudiant... et 100$ sinon.


Special Gift Subscription Rate
Professional $99; Postdoc/Student $50
(Rate for new members only.)

Give 51 issues of Science Digital Edition along with the many year long benefits of AAAS membership.

You'll give colleagues a career boost and students an academic leg up. You'll intrigue and enlighten friends; educate and entertain family members.

And you'll add new supporters for the AAAS international, public policy, education, and career programs that advance science and serve society.

Give the gift of knowledge today-order Science Digital Edition.

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